The CSC could not function without its great network of alumni who pray for and financially support our work. Each year many of our alumni donate their hard earned money to keep the work going, to renovate our building, and to subsidize events for students. For all this, we thank God and our alumni!

Alumni Network

The CSC is in the process of revamping our alumni network. We are going paperless and in the near future our alumni will receive the Fall, Christmas, Spring, and Summer editions of CSC Chronicle, updating them on our work and progress, electronically via email. Alumni can fill out the following form to provide us with their contact information:

Upcoming Alumni Events

Beginning in 2020, the CSC will host our first “Alumni Weekend,” which will occur on UT’s homecoming weekend 2020. That Saturday the current members of the CSC will put on a tailgate for our alumni, at which the latter can rekindle old friendships and reminisce about by-gone days. Then on Sunday there will be a special worship service at the Laurel Church of Christ. One of the former directors of the CSC will speak and after our late service there will be a banquet to raise money for the CSC, at which we will honor our first ever CSC alumni of the year! This will be an award voted on by our alumni for the alumnus/alumna who, for 2020, has embodied the CSC’s mission of loving God, people, our campus, and our city. More information will be forthcoming on this event as it draws nearer.