Statement on Recent Events

Jason Mundie   -  

In a time when our country should be uniting as one to combat a once in a lifetime pandemic, recent events have shown that instead we are divided over years of racial injustices. As a Christian organization, we hurt for our brothers and sisters who are people of color. We are committed to following in the footsteps of giants of faith who have gone before us and fought against such injustices. People like William Wilberforce, John Newton, Hannah More, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Doing the right thing should never be about what political party you identify with, but about what God you follow. We believe that our God is a God that loves people regardless of the color of their skin. So as a result, we should too. We stand with our brother and sisters of color. You are hurting, so we are hurting with you. We love you and are here for you.


Jason Mundie

CSC Director/Minister